A Young Marriage Restored

I am shocked and amazed right now. I cannot believe that me and my husband are making things work, getting along, and developing more passion for each other. Just four years ago I left him and never thought I’d look back. But, God saw otherwise.

I had lost all my attraction and feelings for him, and I assumed it had to be over. But in a marriage covenant even loosing attraction is not a valid reason to leave. Attractions, believe it or not can come, leave, and come back again. This is what I am now learning. I am also learning that marriage is sacred and there is a special blessing on a marriage relationship. God takes marriage very seriously and is willing to help with any problem in marriage, if only we would take our problems to Him through prayer. A lot of people give up on their marriage without giving God (the creator/expert on marriage if you will) the chance to intervene and help fix problems.

…To be Continued



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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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