Why I’m Homeschooling my Children

Homeschooling? I know some of you are like “girl you crazy” but I decided that I want to give homeschooling a try. I’ve started reading aloud to my kids and doing activities with them and I see benefits already. I get to teach behavioral skills and allow them to volunteer at the library, under my supervision. Believe it or not kids need so much guidance and structure and the best people to get it from are parents. We are God-given instructors. Teachers in the school system are good but nothing compares to the luxury of having a parent for a teacher. The genuine love they feel from the parent motivates kids to learn and do their best. I notice that my oldest is a hands on learner. She loves to help and volunteer and is good at math. My middle child is an excellent reader and it just comes natural to her without much help from me. I’m learning what my children’s strengths are and focusing on those more instead of pressuring them to get better at their weaknesses, which can be very stressful for young children. So with the help of God I will continue this new journey and see where it leads, with what I’m seeing so far I believe I’ve made the right choice.


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