Shhh Be Quiet… Learn to be Quiet in your Marriage

I love to give my opinions and advice to help others. But I’ve noticed that this is not always the best thing to do in marriages. Sometimes we like to drill our mates and quickly correct them when we know they are wrong. This can add stress to the relationship, especially if the one needing correction is not prone to receiving it with gratitude. This is when the who is giving the advice or correction should just be quiet. I’ve learned to be quiet (and pray)and let God do the talking to my mate, it’s more effective and it takes a load of stress off the relationship. It also taught me to be patient enough to let my mate learn on his own. So he’s learning to hear God and I learn patience. We both win this way. God bless!


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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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