Who’s in Charge in your Marriage?

I will get straight to the point. The man is or should be the boss at home. Let’s face it women, that’s why he’s called a man. I know that they are not perfect, but God has given them this natural ability to be the head. They are naturally genetically equipped to be stronger in physical strength than us women and that ought to be a clue. Now if you have a somewhat immature mate, bear with him. Let him get use to making good decisions for the family. Once he sees your willingness to let him lead he will definitely take note. And ladies, it will take a load of stress off of our precious selves from overdoing it and making all the decisions in the marriage and for the family. Today’s women are doing a lot. Working 5 days a week, taking care of kids, paying the bills, taking care of ourselves, and on top of that we are asked by our husbands to cook, clean, and make love to him frequently (and if we don’t we are called bad wives smh). This can take a toll on us in the long run and possibly have a bad effect on the relationship, and we want our marriages to stay together people! If it’s not in your DNA to let a man lead then ask God to show you where to start. God will definitely step in and you will see results little by little. This process requires patience and selflessness. Remember this is for the benefit of you, your marriage, and your family. God Bless!


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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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