4 Steps to Reconciliation

Step 1: Prayer

When I desired in my heart to reconcile my marriage I had no clue where to begin. As I begin to pray to God for guidance, He led me in the way that I should go.

Step 2: Admit Wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness

When the children of Israel turned their backs on God, He wanted to forgive them and accept them back. But He required them to do something first: “Only acknowledge your iniquity…”  Jeremiah 3:13. We must first humble ourselves and admit our wrongdoings in the relationship. Do this with God and your partner.

Step 3: Practice Patience

This process has no guarantee of expedition. There may be a long waiting period, or it may not (as in my case, it took all of 3 months). In the meantime work on your character flaws and focus on your relationship with God. This will help you come back to your marriage a much better person.

Step 4: Have faith in God’s restorative power!

God is more than able to restore that which was broken. As a matter of fact that’s the reason Jesus came! to forgive our sins and restore our relationship back with the Father! God can restore your relationship just believe.




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