Keeping God first for a Healthy Marriage

Today I found out just how important my relationship with God is linked to my relationship with my husband. I woke up this morning and checked my email and social media. What I should have done was say something to my Lord in prayer. I find that when I pray first thing in the morning, the Holy Spirit sets the tone for the day in me. Without praying, my mind is very hurried and concerned about the tasks of the day. On top of that I have two little children under 3 that I have to care for. I was so ready to do work that when my husband called me and asked me to have lunch with him I was not interested. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to make an effort to spend time with my husband instead of worrying about work. I believe if I had prayed my mind would’ve been more relaxed and prepared to spend time with my spouse. So that taught me something: keep God first and everything else will be in it’s proper place. God Bless!


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