Why is Marriage so Different from other Relationships?

There are many different relationships we can have, but the marriage relationship is of great significance. Marriage is the only relationship in which a promise has to be made in order to be valid. Marriage begins when a commitment to give yourself to one person (sexually and spiritually) for the rest of your life is made. It is a relationship that is looked at today with contempt. Why? Because of it’s commitment. When a person really takes into account that they will be doing something for the rest of his/her life it seems scary. But this is the way marriage was designed. It is to be appreciated and not thrown away like a piece of trash.  The marital commitment that you make with a person is taken seriously by God. If your are in any way having trouble with this commitment He is the one to go to because He is the creator of it. He is always willing to help. God bless!


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