Dating My Ex-Husband

I gave my marriage another try. We were divorced for 4 years and seeking new relationships, but God had other plans. I was the one who left and initiated the divorce. In my eyes there was no looking back because I was done. I was moving on to someone more compatible to me, or so I thought. I ended up being with someone who I planned to marry and we had a child, but he turned out not to be the person I thought he was. My prayer to God was “I just want a husband”, and I felt He was saying, “I already gave you one”. That stunned me. I began asking God to restore my marriage, even though it looked impossible. Somehow, the man upstairs worked it out and we are remarried and have a much better union than before (mostly because I have more conversations with God now).  If it worked for me, it can happen for anyone. Here are 6 tips for anyone wanting their marriages back:

  1. The process of reconciliation requires patience and understanding on your end. Don’t rush or pressure him about anything.
  2. Make yourself believe you are starting over. If you see him as the same guy with the same old problems, it will be boring and draining.
  3. Have a positive outlook. Put in your mind that this reconciliation will be a new and exciting journey for the both of you. If you can make this work, nothing will be impossible to overcome in your marriage.
  4. Sex can wait during the dating phase. Old arguments can resurface and you need to be clear minded in order to handle it.
  5. Show him a different side of you. If you talked a lot before, listen more now.
  6. Look well put together every time you see him. Impress him visually.

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