I Married my Words

Yes I made a promise to my husband when I got married. I promised to be with him through sickness and health, until death. I not only married my husband though,  I married my words. When things get hectic and I get the urge to ask “why did I get married?”, I tell myself that I must honor the thing that has gone out of my mouth. It wasn’t only the court judge who witnessed my vows, but God was present also. He is a God of commitment. What ever goes out of His mouth does not return unto Him void. He expects the same from me when it pertains to my vows. This actually keeps me focused on God throughout my marriage because I am being like Him. Putting my commitment in the forefront of my mind allows all the other necessary attributes to flow from me. Love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, selflessness, are the result of me committing to my vows and honoring God.  I not only married my husband, I married my words.


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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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