My Covenant Will I Not Break…Psalm 89:34

In this section of the book of Psalm, King David’s life circumstances had him feeling like God did not care about him. He felt like God had left him and broken his promises. God promised to establish David’s throne forever. Of course God had a bigger purpose for the throne of David which would be fulfilled through Christ, who came through David’s lineage. But David had no idea how important his throne was. All he could see was his present circumstances, and how much he was going through in life at that time. He didn’t know that God’s promise to be faithful to him was connected to bringing salvation to the whole world through Jesus Christ. God cannot lie, although David questioned God’s promises. We as finite humans have no idea about the depths of God and his plans and promises to us. Things may look like the opposite of what God has promised us. It’s often because God’s plans are so huge and beyond our comprehension that things have to go awry so that we can learn to lean on God and wait for Him. It takes the power away from us, and makes us surrender to God almighty because He ultimately knows the plans He has for us. God Bless!


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