How I Trust God in my Marriage

If I didn’t have God in my life, I would not have returned to my husband, Ill just be honest. It was because of the respect I have for God and His word that I came back. I honestly felt that I would find someone else and live happily ever after and God would put His stamp of approval on it. But according to His Word, this is not the way He operates. He is a God of order and we may as well face the fact that we have to follow God’s way of doing things. He honors marriage and He wants us to honor what comes out of our mouths when we say “I do”.  Now that I put His word first in my life, I have seen breakthroughs in my marriage. There is less arguments, and more understanding. There is love and selflessness. We are on a road to a much better marriage than before and it’s all because I chose to honor God’s word and my vows.


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