What are you looking at in your Marriage?

I have come to realize that not looking at your spouse can be a good thing for your marriage. No I don’t mean with your natural eyes but with your spiritual ones. Sometimes we put so much energy and focus into our mates that they can take God’s place in our lives. We can allow them to upset us and even ruin our day. We can make ourselves depressed trying to keep them happy. That is of course if we put our marriages before God. See, when God is on the throne in our lives we can look past the faults of humans. We can be more patient with difficult personalities because we lean and depend on God so much more than our mates. God will actually give us insight on our spouses and give us strategies to keep our marriages intact. When we focus too much on humans, the outcome will almost always be disappointment. But when we focus our minds on God we get nothing but perfection.

The bible says, “set your minds on things above, not on things of the earth”(Colossians 3:2). That means that the things of this world is not eternal, and we cannot take anything with us. We are, after all, eternal beings. The things above (God and His kingdom) are forever and what really matters in this life and the one to come. Even though we feel that marriage and family is the most precious things to us, God still comes first. When He is first His spirit in us will teach us how to deal our spouses and family because it can get difficult (as we all know). He will show us how to maintain peace in the midst of unpleasant times. He will keep us stable in unstable times. We can be the rock in our families because we depend on God so much. So I encourage you to look and focus on things above and everything below will be taken care of. God Bless!


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