I Can’t do Everything

I’ve come to learn that having ambition can be tricky. When you really believe in yourself, you can sometimes think that you can do almost everything. But it’s just not the truth. We, as humans, are limited. This is what I have come to learn as I hit the age of 30. I have learned to focus my ambition on one thing. Not just any one thing, it has to be a passion and purpose for my life. When you are coming into your purpose you have to be careful and patient to make sure you are on clear what it is. It’s like, you have this feeling inside that you have a super power to do great things and if you are impatient, you could do some damage. First off, you could start doing things that does not line up with your purpose in life and never fulfill your real destiny. Second, you will not be as happy doing things that you have no real passion for. Still, you can cause stress on your body because of you’re impatience. So be patient so that you can find out the real purpose for your life and focus more on the one thing than everything. Hope this helps someone. God Bless!


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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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