The Second Time Around

I’m so grateful that I gave my marriage a second chance. I put myself aside and let God have His way and He is blowing my mind. I think that’s what many of us need to do, just let God be God! I got married, divorced, then remarried to the same person. It’s something that’s not done a lot these days but I’m so glad to be included in the small number of those who did. I definitely learned a lot about myself, mainly how messed up I was. This second time around I have more confidence that I can do all things through Christ! If He tells me to do something I’m doing it. I recognize the authority I have over evil with Christ. Most of the things I’ve been defeated with in life is because I did not know I had authority and power, and I didn’t know how to use it. This second time around, demons that was ruling my marriage are being destroyed. My marriage is better than it ever has been all because of what Christ died to give me…. The Victory!! God Bless!!


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3 thoughts on “The Second Time Around”

  1. Praise God! I love that you stuck with it, prayed and pressed in and just didn’t give up! So encouraging and such a testimony. God is so good and faithful. May God continue to restore and bless your marriage.

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