Having Faith while in the Hospital

OMG! I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! But it was the most difficult experience of my life. You wanna go to a place where there’s little to no faith? Go to a hospital in the U.S. I’m sure medical staff mean well but it’s hard when a person of faith is in an environment full of what ifs and doubts and negative talk. I felt rushed to have my baby almost forced to have a C-section. If I didn’t stand my ground and have faith that my body could push out my baby, I would have been on an operating table. But my God has blessed me with this gift of faith. I believed from the beginning that everything was gonna be alright and despite all of the doubt surrounding me I persevered and I had a great delivery with a healthy baby boy! Trust in the Lord with all thing heart and lean not thine own understanding! My God operates in the impossible! He operates opposite of what is seen! I’m so glad that my ultimate trust is in the great physician: Jesus Christ!


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