Laser Beam Focus

When you’re focused, the enemy can’t stop you! When you’re focused on God and the assignment that He has for you can accomplish great things! But you must be alert and watchful because the enemy is sneaky and very cunning. He will catch you at your weakest and try to take you out. But when my focus is on my Master, Jesus, I draw strength from Him and I am supernaturally equipped to handle the devil’s tactics. So throughout the day we have to get away from the noise and spend some one on one time with the Lord and He will give us supernatural abilities! We can do things that others can’t with ease, no struggle required. My God I’m sooooo glad to be connected to an all powerful God! If you’re connected as well don’t forget to stick close to the source of your strength because if not you will find yourself using your own strength, and we all know that’s not sufficient enough to handle the great tasks God has given us to accomplish. Rely on Him and you can do great things! God bless!


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Young woman who created this blog to share my experiences and give advice on living a Christian life

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