From Super Curly to Voluminous Straight

Hello guys!

I want to show you all how I got my super curly kinky hair silky straight without a lot of hassle. beforeafter

First of all, my hair did not use to come out this good after flat ironing until I started using conditioner faithfully. My routine consists of washing my hair in the shower, only using shampoo once a week or whenever I decide to straighten it. I mostly use conditioner, lots of it, until all my hair is covered. Dividing my hair into about 4 sections, I use my fingers to comb thru my hair while the conditioner is in it. When I feel that I can run my hands straight through with no problems then I’m finished because my hair is tangle free.

I don’t like my hair to stay in a dry state for too long. Why? Because my hair loves moisture so I wet my hair in the shower often (don’t be afraid of water ladies) I love using oils, creams, and conditioners because they help keep my hair moisturized.

After washing and detangling I blow dry and flat iron my hair…using a soft bristle brush to help in flat ironing process to get my hair as straight as possible. I also use high heat when blow drying and flat ironing to get my hair straight.

And one more thing….

The conditioner I used was VO5. It was only 75cents.