With God all things are Possible

Now this right here is what I like to see! Not to offend anyone, but ever since God restored my marriage after divorce I see through a different lens. Studying the scriptures My heart has been changed to believe that God is in favor of marriages lasting, until death. Now since He is a God that restores broken things, He can restore broken marriages; no matter the situation. I am headstrong about this topic because I am a witness. I experienced the worst case scenario for a broken marriage, but when I asked God for restoration, He came through like the “Boss” that he is lol. He can make anything happen! ” With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Mathew 19:26


Good Bye Fear!

One of the things that has kept me from the greatness God has for me is fear. I didn’t notice this before, but God brought it to my attention. I would be afraid to speak my mind because of fear of what people would think or do. I would be afraid to be me because I didn’t want to make people jealous. I’ve learned and am learning to let go of the fear of people. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” Now that I have fear under my foot, I’m seeing breakthroughs in my life and marriage. I’m no longer afraid to confront issues in my marriage, not in a nagging sense but with authority over any evil that tries to infiltrate, with the help of God’s Spirit. I’m walking in a new sense of courage! Fear not says the Lord and you can accomplish great things! God bless!!

Having Faith while in the Hospital

OMG! I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! But it was the most difficult experience of my life. You wanna go to a place where there’s little to no faith? Go to a hospital in the U.S. I’m sure medical staff mean well but it’s hard when a person of faith is in an environment full of what ifs and doubts and negative talk. I felt rushed to have my baby almost forced to have a C-section. If I didn’t stand my ground and have faith that my body could push out my baby, I would have been on an operating table. But my God has blessed me with this gift of faith. I believed from the beginning that everything was gonna be alright and despite all of the doubt surrounding me I persevered and I had a great delivery with a healthy baby boy! Trust in the Lord with all thing heart and lean not thine own understanding! My God operates in the impossible! He operates opposite of what is seen! I’m so glad that my ultimate trust is in the great physician: Jesus Christ!

What are you looking at in your Marriage?

Dating My Ex-Husband

I have come to realize that not looking at your spouse can be a good thing for your marriage. No I don’t mean with your natural eyes but with your spiritual ones. Sometimes we put so much energy and focus into our mates that they can take God’s place in our lives. We can allow them to upset us and even ruin our day. We can make ourselves depressed trying to keep them happy. That is of course if we put our marriages before God. See, when God is on the throne in our lives we can look past the faults of humans. We can be more patient with difficult personalities because we lean and depend on God so much more than our mates. God will actually give us insight on our spouses and give us strategies to keep our marriages intact. When we focus too much on humans, the…

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The Second Time Around

I’m so grateful that I gave my marriage a second chance. I put myself aside and let God have His way and He is blowing my mind. I think that’s what many of us need to do, just let God be God! I got married, divorced, then remarried to the same person. It’s something that’s not done a lot these days but I’m so glad to be included in the small number of those who did. I definitely learned a lot about myself, mainly how messed up I was. This second time around I have more confidence that I can do all things through Christ! If He tells me to do something I’m doing it. I recognize the authority I have over evil with Christ. Most of the things I’ve been defeated with in life is because I did not know I had authority and power, and I didn’t know how to use it. This second time around, demons that was ruling my marriage are being destroyed. My marriage is better than it ever has been all because of what Christ died to give me…. The Victory!! God Bless!!

The Mystery of Marriage

There is a huge mystery to marriage. It is not like all other relationships. It was the first relationship between humans on earth. The most astounding thing about marriage is that  it is all based on a promise. A promise is spoken and the world gets populated. Adam said “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”…. and boom you and I are here. Just kidding. But if that did not happen we would not be here. The mystery of marriage is the ability of a promise to produce generations. Words spoken in the presence of God (that is not meant to be broken by the way) is the basis of the marital institution. This oath hold so much weight, but I think we have forgotten it.

I Can’t do Everything

I’ve come to learn that having ambition can be tricky. When you really believe in yourself, you can sometimes think that you can do almost everything. But it’s just not the truth. We, as humans, are limited. This is what I have come to learn as I hit the age of 30. I have learned to focus my ambition on one thing. Not just any one thing, it has to be a passion and purpose for my life. When you are coming into your purpose you have to be careful and patient to make sure you are on clear what it is. It’s like, you have this feeling inside that you have a super power to do great things and if you are impatient, you could do some damage. First off, you could start doing things that does not line up with your purpose in life and never fulfill your real destiny. Second, you will not be as happy doing things that you have no real passion for. Still, you can cause stress on your body because of you’re impatience. So be patient so that you can find out the real purpose for your life and focus more on the one thing than everything. Hope this helps someone. God Bless!