50 Shades of Grey or Song of Solomon

I heard how the book “50 Shades of Grey” was inspiring couples to be more passionate in their relationships. I want to share how the “Song of Solomon” (a book in the bible) has worked for me. I started reading this book because I found it to be very different from the other books in the bible. It contains vivid sexual imagery due to the romantic love of a husband and wife. I began to read this book almost on a daily basis and noticed how it helped me to be more intimate with my husband. At first I didn’t pay any attention but then I thought about it: am I being more sexually involved with my husband because of what I’ve been reading? I believe I have. God’s word is here for EVERY area of our lives and I’m so grateful that I’ve discovered this hidden gem in the bible. I encouraged anyone who’s married to repeatedly read this book. God bless!


Why is Marriage so Different from other Relationships?

There are many different relationships we can have, but the marriage relationship is of great significance. Marriage is the only relationship in which a promise has to be made in order to be valid. Marriage begins when a commitment to give yourself to one person (sexually and spiritually) for the rest of your life is made. It is a relationship that is looked at today with contempt. Why? Because of it’s commitment. When a person really takes into account that they will be doing something for the rest of his/her life it seems scary. But this is the way marriage was designed. It is to be appreciated and not thrown away like a piece of trash.  The marital commitment that you make with a person is taken seriously by God. If your are in any way having trouble with this commitment He is the one to go to because He is the creator of it. He is always willing to help. God bless!

Keeping God first for a Healthy Marriage

Today I found out just how important my relationship with God is linked to my relationship with my husband. I woke up this morning and checked my email and social media. What I should have done was say something to my Lord in prayer. I find that when I pray first thing in the morning, the Holy Spirit sets the tone for the day in me. Without praying, my mind is very hurried and concerned about the tasks of the day. On top of that I have two little children under 3 that I have to care for. I was so ready to do work that when my husband called me and asked me to have lunch with him I was not interested. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to make an effort to spend time with my husband instead of worrying about work. I believe if I had prayed my mind would’ve been more relaxed and prepared to spend time with my spouse. So that taught me something: keep God first and everything else will be in it’s proper place. God Bless!

4 Steps to Reconciliation

Step 1: Prayer

When I desired in my heart to reconcile my marriage I had no clue where to begin. As I begin to pray to God for guidance, He led me in the way that I should go.

Step 2: Admit Wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness

When the children of Israel turned their backs on God, He wanted to forgive them and accept them back. But He required them to do something first: “Only acknowledge your iniquity…”  Jeremiah 3:13. We must first humble ourselves and admit our wrongdoings in the relationship. Do this with God and your partner.

Step 3: Practice Patience

This process has no guarantee of expedition. There may be a long waiting period, or it may not (as in my case, it took all of 3 months). In the meantime work on your character flaws and focus on your relationship with God. This will help you come back to your marriage a much better person.

Step 4: Have faith in God’s restorative power!

God is more than able to restore that which was broken. As a matter of fact that’s the reason Jesus came! to forgive our sins and restore our relationship back with the Father! God can restore your relationship just believe.



Give your Marriage Another Try

There is a lot of  talk about divorce and finding someone new. We should change the conversation to forgiveness and reconciliation. Of course some relationships seem impossible because of “irreconcilable differences”, but aren’t we all different? Marriage is not about finding someone the same as you, but someone who compliments you. Someone who is strong in an area where you are lacking. That’s one of the reasons marriage can be difficult. I believe we should embrace our mate’s strengths and apply them to ourselves instead of rejecting them or hating them. As each person comes to love what is different about the other, it makes both parties better. The marriage is strengthened and the two will become one!

To the Young Entrepreneur

What are you seeking? Why do you want to make a lot of money? What is your ultimate goal? Before you answer these questions let me help you out. Don’t decide to make lots of money for the wrong reasons. Better yet, don’t fall in love with the idea of having lots of money. Fall in love with your ultimate PURPOSE for making money. If you want to be an entrepreneur just to make a lot of money, you should stop now. More money and more things brings more worry and things to care for. Fall in love with something higher than money before you become rich, that way your riches won’t consume you. Can I suggest to you Jesus Christ? Find your purpose, seek the Lord, and your riches won’t take over. God Bless!

I Lost my Focus

I’m gonna keep it real. I lost my focus for a minute. I put more energy into things, daily life things. Kids, husband, house, business goals and desires, etc. All that is good to keep up with but my focus has to stay on Jesus. He is the one that gives me peace and a clear mind in order to handle my daily life. I must continue to make time for reading my bible and praying so that I can keep this close relationship with my Lord and Savior. If I don’t keep Him first, everything else would consume my mind and I would ultimately break down. But I thank God for checking my spirit and putting me back on track. Keep God first and everything else will run smooth like butter! God Bless!