Another Year, Goals, and New Book

Hello everyone! I am so excited about this new year and time in my life. There has been some trying times but I’m determined to reach my goals that I have set. I’m determined now more than ever to continue to better my character with the help of Christ! I’m slowly but surely preparing myself to be the businesswoman, mom, and wife that God has called me to be. For my birthday I decided to have a book cover reveal party for my new book that will be released soon. I’m so excited and I’m in the works of writing many more. This brain of mines is packed with ideas that I just have to release. I thank God for blessing me with these ideas,  and I will dedicate myself to making sure I execute what He has placed in my heart. This is my time and it could be yours too!  God Bless!


Don’t give up, your Marriage has a Purpose

God often prearranges for us to marry someone who has characteristics that we lack. You may be a procrastinator and go about things at a very slow pace, but your mate may be a person who gets the job done in a timely manner. You may be anxious about things all the time, but your mate is cool, calm and at ease. You may be a chatty person who is not careful of what you say, but your mate often chooses her words wisely. Please don’t take this as a sign of incompatibility and contemplate divorce because of it. Instead make your marriage count by allowing these differences to make you a better person character wise. Marriage has a purpose and it should not be so easily thrown away. Let it help build you into the person that you are destined to be. God bless!

Married for Life

Engaged couples! Newlyweds! I have some exciting news to tell you! You are now embarking upon a journey to a committed lifestyle dedicated to one particular person. Out of this lifetime relationship will come a refining of yourself and your character. If worked at properly, this relationship will ultimately make you a much better person than you currently are. If you are selfish, you will become unselfish. If you are impatient it will make you patient. If you are hard to work with it will make you pliable. It will give you endurance for life challenges, and at the same time soften your heart. Marriage, is a lifetime commitment with benefits that far exceeds any other human relationship you will have. Embrace the difficulties, enjoy the journey, and most of all pray. God Bless!

A Marriage Restored: Unity

I’ve been amazed at the things I’m learning about marriage that I didn’t know before. When my husband and I were first married I didn’t understand that unity in marriage really matters. A successful marriage will consist of two people who function as one person as much as possible. The more I think and care about my husband like he is a part of me, the better I feel in my marriage. The more time I spend with him, the more I like being around him. I have in my mindset that he and I are a team and believe it or not, it rubs off on him. The more I serve him, listen, and treat him like I would want to be treated the more he does it too. I can admit I was a really selfish person (and still working on that).  Selfishness will harm if not end a marriage. So treat your mate as you would treat yourself, because you two are one. God Bless!

Who’s in Charge in your Marriage?

I will get straight to the point. The man is or should be the boss at home. Let’s face it women, that’s why he’s called a man. I know that they are not perfect, but God has given them this natural ability to be the head. They are naturally genetically equipped to be stronger in physical strength than us women and that ought to be a clue. Now if you have a somewhat immature mate, bear with him. Let him get use to making good decisions for the family. Once he sees your willingness to let him lead he will definitely take note. And ladies, it will take a load of stress off of our precious selves from overdoing it and making all the decisions in the marriage and for the family. Today’s women are doing a lot. Working 5 days a week, taking care of kids, paying the bills, taking care of ourselves, and on top of that we are asked by our husbands to cook, clean, and make love to him frequently (and if we don’t we are called bad wives smh). This can take a toll on us in the long run and possibly have a bad effect on the relationship, and we want our marriages to stay together people! If it’s not in your DNA to let a man lead then ask God to show you where to start. God will definitely step in and you will see results little by little. This process requires patience and selflessness. Remember this is for the benefit of you, your marriage, and your family. God Bless!

Want to get your Ex Spouse Back?…. My Book coming Soon

Yes people I have written a book. There is a secret to marriage that a lot of people don’t know about. Do you know how valuable your marriage covenant is? Did you know that God will do supernatural things to help you keep or restore your marriage if you ask Him? I’m talking about REAL legalized marriages. Not the mate you’ve been living with for 15 years (sorry but I must be honest). I am living proof that no matter how bad the marriage situation is, even in the case of divorce, God will work. The heart of God would like to see marriages restored and He’s willing to help those that will humble themselves and ask for His help. My new book will show you how He worked in my life and how He could do the same for you. God bless!

Shhh Be Quiet… Learn to be Quiet in your Marriage

I love to give my opinions and advice to help others. But I’ve noticed that this is not always the best thing to do in marriages. Sometimes we like to drill our mates and quickly correct them when we know they are wrong. This can add stress to the relationship, especially if the one needing correction is not prone to receiving it with gratitude. This is when the who is giving the advice or correction should just be quiet. I’ve learned to be quiet (and pray)and let God do the talking to my mate, it’s more effective and it takes a load of stress off the relationship. It also taught me to be patient enough to let my mate learn on his own. So he’s learning to hear God and I learn patience. We both win this way. God bless!