When I First Started Growing out my Relaxer


Wow! It all went by so fast. It was hard to believe that I could reach the length I’m at now. Yes people, I’m talking about my hair, my lovely mane. It all started around August 2011 when I stopped using a relaxer. It was the best choice I’ve made so far about my personal appearance. Don’t get me wrong I was scared. I had a relaxer all my life. But change is good. The beginning was a bit stressful dealing with two different hair textures, thick coarse hair at the roots and thin straight hair at the ends. With patience and care I can say I’ve arrived. I’m a certified naturalista!

If I could do it all over I would have purchased lots of conditioner. It helps with transitioning hair. My comb slides through my hair easily with conditioner. It would have also helped with the two different textures. So if you’re a “newbie” to this I think you should stock up on conditioners. It’ll save you a lot of headache and frustration. Also don’t be afraid to get your hair wet. I honestly think keeping my hair wet and moisturized helped it to grow. Dry hair breaks easily so think moisture, moisture, moisture! I encouraged anyone who wants to grow out their relaxer to keep going and don’t give up. Pretty soon you’ll be loving the compliments and enjoying your long locs. Good luck!!

Dealing with Distractions

Usually when a person has made up his/her mind to do something one thing is for certain, their will always be distractions. I’ve noticed that in my life whenever I say “God I wanna be closer to you” there’s always a distraction lurking, waiting to try and throw me off course. But I have power over distractions. I have the power to choose what I let distract me. I can be a victim of letting distractions stop my goals or I can say things like “No, I cant hang out with this person or this crowd because they will bring distractions”,  “No I cant do this or do that because this has the potential to throw me off”. So I encourage you to choose what you do and who you hang with wisely because everyone that crosses your path is not there to help you, but often to test you.- God Bless

Try This Out: A New Daily Routine

Its 7am. You awaken to a text from your child’s father that reads: “I cant come to pick up my son this weekend.” He gives no explanation. You are so mad now because that was your chance to get a break and have some “me time.” You start your day off with this situation being your fuel. You post an aggressive Facebook status stating how “some men ain’t nothing.” You dwell on this for almost the rest of the day.

Lets take a few steps back…

What if you awaken to the text, get a little angry, but afterwards go and spend some time with God in prayer and meditate on all the good things He has done in your life. Allow Him to take care of your problems. 1 Peter 5:7 says “Casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.” Doing this can help you avoid letting your problems consume you and your day. You can be filled with peace and joy.

Now how about adding this payer and meditation as your daily routine. Get in a quiet place alone without distraction and focus on the goodness of the Lord and allow your spirit to be lifted. You could go throughout the day uplifting others instead of worrying about your life and your problems. The more you do this the more “unbothered” you will become by things that usually irritates you. May God bless you on this new journey!

gray sheenah

From Super Curly to Voluminous Straight

Hello guys!

I want to show you all how I got my super curly kinky hair silky straight without a lot of hassle. beforeafter

First of all, my hair did not use to come out this good after flat ironing until I started using conditioner faithfully. My routine consists of washing my hair in the shower, only using shampoo once a week or whenever I decide to straighten it. I mostly use conditioner, lots of it, until all my hair is covered. Dividing my hair into about 4 sections, I use my fingers to comb thru my hair while the conditioner is in it. When I feel that I can run my hands straight through with no problems then I’m finished because my hair is tangle free.

I don’t like my hair to stay in a dry state for too long. Why? Because my hair loves moisture so I wet my hair in the shower often (don’t be afraid of water ladies) I love using oils, creams, and conditioners because they help keep my hair moisturized.

After washing and detangling I blow dry and flat iron my hair…using a soft bristle brush to help in flat ironing process to get my hair as straight as possible. I also use high heat when blow drying and flat ironing to get my hair straight.

And one more thing….

The conditioner I used was VO5. It was only 75cents.